Beware refusing a favor for Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, when he organizes a charity fund-raiser. Like Freddy Krueger of the Friday the 13th movies, he may have your dreams invaded.

Renown artist Jean-Claude Gaugy says that's what happened to him."Sen. Hatch called and asked if I would do a painting for the National Foundation for Depressive Illnesses. I said no, that I didn't have time," Gaugy told the Deseret News.

"But then that night, I had a dream - and the painting came to me." It was the expressionist carved-wood-and-paint mural "The Opening Door," which shows people progressing from the darkest depths of depression through a door and toward light and peace.

"I called the senator back and told him the painting came to me in a dream, and I asked him if I could still do it. He said sure, no problem. But then I warned him it would be big, maybe 30 feet long. He said no problem," Gaugy said.

It is so long that Gaugy had to make it in 13 separate panels that are connected. He said that when people first saw photos of it, they asked if he ever had mental illness. "I said I didn't think so, but you never know."

When Hatch was asked about Gaugy's dream, he joked, "See, you didn't know how powerful your senator from Utah was, did you?"