The Salt Lake Area Chamber of Commerce had a 91 percent success ratio on the bills it supported or opposed in the recent legislative session, according to David Bird, chairman of the group's State Legislative Action Committee.

Bird told the chamber's board of governors the most important bill passed by the Legislature was HB397, which attempted to overcome the court-imposed problems of property tax assessment.Several months ago, the Utah Supreme Court ruled that Amax Magnesium Co. property was unfairly assessed. The ideas to solve the problem so residential or other commercial property taxes didn't increase drastically finally boiled down to HB397.

Bird said the bill calls for property assessment at 100 percent of market value, all other non-residential property will be assessed at 100 percent of market value and increasing the residential property exemption to 32.5 percent.

Everyone involved in this bill had to give and take a little and HB397 is the best way to lessen the impact on business and residential property owners, Bird said.

Mark Miller, board chairman, said one of the most successful things the chamber did during the legislative session was "Business Day at the Legislature" and urged his successor to hold the same type of event next year.