Iraqi opposition groups banned in their homeland ended a three-day conference Wednesday on ousting Saddam Hussein with an appeal to Iraqi loyalists to join the uprising and a vow to form a transitional coalition government.

The majority of 325 figures representing 17 secular, Sunni Moslem and Shiite groups voted for the formation of a temporary government that would seek to topple Saddam's dictatorship in postwar Iraq, opposition officials said."The conference has decided the direct mission that should be carried out by our people to topple Saddam Hussein's dictatorship rule and form a temporary coalition government that would liquidate the repercussions of dictatorship," said a statement issued at the final session of a three-day conference in Lebanon by the dissident groups.

The statement did not say whether they have agreed to form a government immediately, but indicated that efforts remained inconclusive, observers said. There were no details on how such a government might be structured.