A song that jabs at Republican vice presidential nominee Dan Quayle may be the hottest thing on some Salt Lake radio stations - even though it has been banned by the Indiana radio station that originally produced it.

Disc jockeys Bob Kevoian and Tom Griswold at WFBQ-FM in Indianapolis wrote "I Spent the War in Indiana" sung by Danny and the Quayles to the tune of "Back Home in Indiana." It makes fun of the controversy about Quayle joining the Indiana National Guard possibly to avoid combat in the Vietnam War.Utah radio stations such as KTKK (K-Talk) and KALL have aired the record and said listeners have been requesting replays ever since.

But back in Indiana, the song inspired more controversy than humor.

Griswold told the Deseret News, "We played it three times in four hours on Monday and the switchboard was deluged with negative calls. A camera crew came in, and pretty soon we were on the CBS Evening News and in headlines across the nation.

"But because of all the negative reaction, our boss pulled the song off the air." But the station has been conducting a call-in poll on whether it should start playing it again. "About 51 percent say we should, and 49 percent say we shouldn't."

Meanwhile, Griswold said stations around the nation have been requesting copies, and several radio networks have fed it to their affiliates.

Griswold said one of the first stations to get a copy of the song was K-Talk in Utah. Radio talk show host Joe Redburn had Griswold sing it live and a capella over the telephone.

Even though K-Talk is supposedly an all-talk radio station, Redburn said the switchboard has received dozens of inquiries about whether the song will be played again.

The song includes these lyrics:

The first verse is in first person: "I spent the war in Indiana. Getting shot was not for me. I never went to Nam. I never saw Saigon. I only watched it on TV.

"I spent the war in Indiana. I never saw a combat zone. While my buddies hid in foxholes dodging napalm, I was safe inside my Indiana home."

The next verse is in chorus: "He spent the war in Indiana, while his neighbors went to fight. He never did a hitch, `cause his daddy's rich. He was comfy and cozy at night."

First-person, again: "I spent the war in Indiana. To the Guard, I was on loan. And the only thing I killed were Hoosier weekends. I was safe inside my Indiana home."

Chorus: "He spent the war in Indiana in a summer camp platoon. He never had to fight, and now he's on the right, and he's singing a different tune."

The ending: "But the story isn't over. Now I want to be VP. And when we start the next war I'll be watching . . . from a bunker below Washington, D.C." Sounds of bomb blasts end the recording.