Jack Henry Daughters, age 76, of Salt Lake City, Utah died March 1, 1991.

Jack Daughters was husband, father, fire-fighter, builder, sportsman and teacher and had many skills and talents. Jack resided in Salt Lake City most of his life, except for several years when he and his family lived in Hawaii and a season spent in Costa Rica, Central America.Jack attended the University of Utah, retired from the Salt Lake City Fire Department as a Captain, supervised many construction projects, taught at Kauai Community College, and was manager of the Chamber of Commerce in Kauai, Hawaii.

Here are three sayings from our storehouse of family memories:

"If I were lost in the wilderness, I would choose Jack - above all people in the world - to be my rescuer/companion."

"That airplane wouldn't dare to fail as long as Jack is on it!"

"Jack would crawl on his hands and knees through broken glass and cactus needles to help the ones he loved."

Jack and Marie and their children lived out a universal "Garden of Eden" dream, which took them to the green islands of Hawaii. There, with their own hands, Jack and family built their dream home on top of a hill overlooking the blue Pacific. There was a sense of great family accomplishment and adventure.

Jack was a person of high creative imagination and great courage, which he shared with his family. Jack was a person of immense physical and mental vitality.

Jack Henry Daughters was born February 1, 1915 in Ennis, Montana to Adelaide Virginia Long Daughters and John Henry Daughters. Jack married Marie Katherine Zaharias on September 17, 1940.

Jack's family spans four generations: his wife, Marie, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren: John, Paul, Greg, Kim, John David, Kelly, Sara, Rachel, Amber, Stephanie and Keana. Jack is also survived by Jan, wife of Paul and sisters, Nina (Mrs. Hugh) McDevitt, Joyce (Mrs. Wayne) Stokes, and Doris (Mrs. Jack) Hansen. Jack's sisters, Irma Rupp and Elva preceded him in death.

We extend our heartfelt thanks for the many acts of kindness of our friends and neighbors. We extend special thanks to our caring health-care team: Helen Roy, Janice Nelson, Mike Hill and Don Walker. Our good neighbors, Norma and Carl Dinins, have been family to us in a very real sense of the word.

Jack was blessed to have buoyant good health during his lifetime. Chronic illness reduced him to dependence on others during his last years, but he accepted his new problems with grace. We who knew him well feel that our lives were made more meaningful by having shared his triumphs and his tragedies. Jack answered the calls to adventure. We celebrate Jack's life.

In accordance with Jack's wishes, there will be no funeral. Friends are invited to call at the family home, 7477 Butler Hills Drive (2215 East) on Saturday March 9th from 2 to 4 p.m.

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