The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has revoked the general license of a Provo businessman and three of his companies to receive or use nuclear source material, the agency has announced.

The commission said the revocation applied to John P. Larsen and Larsen Laboratories, Orion Chemical Co. and Wrangler Laboratories of Evanston, Wyo., which had been processing chemically depleted uranium during the past six years, according to a statement issued by the agency.Depleted uranium is created when fissionable isotopes are removed from uranium by the enrichment process necessary for manufacturing nuclear reactor fuel.

The revocation order of Aug. 15, signed by James M. Taylor, NRC deputy executive director for regional operations, said that in 1982 the agency had temporarily suspended Orion Chemical's general license and fined the company $500 after inspectors found numerous violations.

The NRC later issued a specific license in the name of Larsen Laboratories in lieu of permitting operations under general license authority because of the potential for contamination of workers and the environment.

A general license permits possession and use of small amounts of radioactive materials, while a specific license permits use of larger amounts applying to only one licensee.

The Larsen Laboratories NRC license later was succeeded by a state license after Utah entered into an agreement with the agency to regulate such licenses, but when state inspectors found more violations in 1986, the state suspended the license and imposed a $5,000 fine.

In November 1987, an NRC inspection of Wrangler Laboratories found the company apparently had exceeded possession limits and violated other requirements relating to contamination control. The owner agreed to corrective measures, including decontamination of the facility.

The NRC also suspended the Wyoming company's general license and officials concluded from the response to the order that the company had failed to keep its commitment to corrective actions.

Taylor said that because of the companies' enforcement history, the suspended license should be revoked due to the lack of "requisite reasonable assurance that Mr. Larsen, individually and his companies will comply with commission requirements in the future."

A hearing on the revocation may be requested within 20 days of issuance.