Alta View Hospital-

HIATT, Jeff and Annette, Salt Lake City, boy.

PUTNAM, Byron and Suzanne, Draper, boy.

SMITH, Steven and Roxane, Sandy, boy.

Cottonwood Hospital-

OSBORNE, John and Delaney, Layton, boy.

Holy Cross Hospital-

BOOTH, Tonya and EVANS, Mike, boy.

DAO, An and Robin, boy.

HAGEDORN, Sarah and BEYNON, Matt, boy.

ROSS, Jean, girl.

LDS Hospital-

BERRY, Robert and Elise, girl.

CORNELL, Steven and Lori, girl.

CRAIG, David and Susan, girl.

DIDIER, Marc and Jodi, girl.

DUNFORD, Bailey and Jill, girl.

EGAN, John and Melissa, girl.

FLORES, David and Jean, girl.

FONUA, Militoni and Funaki, boy.

FULLER, David and Susan, girl.

GALLINGTON, William and Tammy, boy.

GOODSPEED, Jerry and Mary, girl.

GRANDY, Trent and Dana, boy.

GRANT, Travis and Katrina, girl.

GREGORY, Matthew and Shelan, girl.

HENINGER, Brent and Tammy, boy.

HEWETT, Jonathan and Eve, girl.

LITTLEWOOD, Bryan and Linda, boy.

NEILSON, Nattan and Su Lin, girl

NIELSON, Christopher and Heidi, boy.

OSTERLOH, Craig and Kimiko, girl.

PAGE, Steve and Wendy, boy.

PETERSON, Kevin and Carol, boy.

POULSEN, Lorin and Sheryl, girl.

SAMORA, Raul and Dolores, boy.

SHEETS, Diane and BARKER, James, girl.

SIO, Tile and Siigauaa, boy.

SKEEN, Tracy and Diane, boy.

SMITH, Rodney and Kristie, boy.

SPETERS, Jonathon and Michelle, boy.

TAGGERT, Lane and Cathleen, boy.

WEST, Mark and Michelle, boy.

WILSON, Gary and Elizabeth, boy.

St. Mark's Hospital-

HILL, John and Cheryl, West Valley City, girl.

JENKINS, Bruce and Amy, Salt Lake City, girl.

MORTENSEN, Joseph and Dallas, Salt Lake City, girl.

TURNER, Roger and Virginia, Salt Lake City, girl.