The North Davis Sewer District will add a special diversion connection at 400 West and Antelope Drive in Layton this summer to divert excessive flow along an alternate route.

According to Robert Hohman, district manager, the project will begin this summer, cost about $80,000 and take several months to complete. He said the district views the project more as a repair than as new construction. The new connection will divert some of the flow that now travels west along Antelope Drive (1700 South) further south so that it will go west along Gordon Avenue (1000 North) instead.Hohman stressed that this project is part of the district's anticipation of future growth in the area since there is no immediate danger of overflow along the Antelope line.

He said that the district is also planning repairs for the sewer line that travels from Midland Drive in Roy to 2000 West in Syracuse.

"It isn't approaching capacity," Hohman said in response to rumors that this line is rapidly nearing maximum capacity. "There's been some deterioration in the line."

He said the district recently dug up part of the line and found that the deterioration wasn't as bad as a camera had previously indicated, so the line will not need to be replaced. The line travels from Midland Drive to Syracuse along 2000 West.

Repair work would not begin until 1992 or 1993 and no cost estimates have been formulated.

Hohman said the district is also studying long-range growth in Syracuse, West Point and Clinton. One proposal is for construction of a relief line along Syracuse's 4000 West from 1700 South in Syracuse to 300 North in West Point. The current 4000 West line stops at a field. Hohman said any such new construction would be several years away.

- In a related development, the West Point City Council last week tabled its proposal with the Hooper Water Improvement District until it can determine exactly what future plans the North Davis Sewer District has. The council is concerned about having enough easement for a new culinary water line.