More than one year after Utah Power & Light Co. announced its hopes of merging with Portland, Ore.-based PacifiCorp, Gov. Norm Bangerter is asking how the proposed merger would affect Utah.

In a letter Wednesday to UP&L president and chief executive Frank N. Davis, Bangerter asks six questions ranging from where headquarters of the merged company would be, how local employment, production and service would be affected, what savings would be realized and passed on to Utah customers.The governor recognizes his questions have been answered through voluminous testimony and lengthy hearings before the Utah Public Service Commission. But, "I am requesting just some simple, uncomplicated information," Bangerter wrote.

He said his questions were prompted by concerns from UP&L employees and business and residential customers.

The Utah PSC has approved the merger, and the state's Division of Public Utilities gave its support because of the savings and lower rates the merger would cause. But, the state's Committee of Consumer Services opposes the merger, saying the savings and benefits are exaggerated and unfounded.

The merger has received approval from seven state commissions and is awaiting a final ruling from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.