Age: 61

Born: Beaver Dam, Box Elder County

Family: Wife, Jean; children - three boys and two girls: Nathan, 40; Calvin, 38; Gail Cheesman, 36; Bret, 32; Angela Petersen, 30.

Education: Bachelor's degree in business administration, Utah State University.

Occupation: Retired US WEST; real estate agent, Coldwell Banker Premier; mayor, part-time.


Area: 7.3 square miles

Population: 6,474

Budget: General fund, $1.6 million; total budget, $2.3 million.

Number of employees: 21 full-time.

Mayor's salary: $1,225 monthly


Politics: Basically Republican, conservative.

First "real" job: Grew up on a farm and learned to work at an early age doing all kinds of farm work. Hired out to other farmers at times.

Management style: I am team and goal oriented. Organized and delegate to subordinates, thus allowing them to carry out their responsibilities. Follow up frequently. We have very dedicated employees who are doing a great job.

Why I like being mayor: I enjoy working and associating with people. It's a privilege to serve the citizens of North Salt Lake, even though difficult at times. I appreciate working with employees who care and a dedicated city council. It's great associating with outstanding citizens who give of their time in serving on the planning commission, board of adjustment and committees. I enjoy the association with other mayors and commissioners in working for common goals.

Why I hate being mayor: I don't hate being mayor, although I admit there are times when things are upsetting and annoying. It is difficult to please and satisfy everyone.

Recipe for success: Being dedicated to the job. Have an open mind and be willing to give and take. Communication and cooperation are essential.

A memorable failure: Being an insurance salesman while attending college.

Heroes: My father and mother, many LDS Church presidents and presidents of the United States.

Leisure: Gardening, golf, fishing, skiing, family and traveling.

Favorite book: Enjoy reading newspapers and magazines. I read 2-4 books a year and generally enjoy all of them.

Favorite movie: Probably "Ben Hur." I see a few a year and many of them are enjoyable. I particularly enjoy history and non-fiction movies.