While Kansas jailers try to determine how the escape of two men went unnoticed for eight days, one of the fugitives remains at large after being caught and released in Utah.

The supervisor of the Dickinson County Jail in Abilene, Kan., was fired Thursday for failing to notice that inmates Steven D. Baker and Herbert Ross Montayne had sawed their way out of jail.Montayne is now in the Salt Lake County Jail following his arrest March 4 in Green River, Utah. Baker, 35, has not been found.

Utah Highway Patrol trooper Steven Rapich had pulled over the pair for a traffic violation - a burned out car headlight - on an isolated stretch of I-70 near Green River, about 185 miles southeast of Salt Lake City.

Baker was released from the Emery County Jail after an unidentified man paid his $10,000 bond. Authorities said the bail was based on charges of auto theft and felony evasion of a police officer.