They may not have elusive sinking sliders or home runs galore, but Silka, Cody and General have their own trading cards, with full-color pictures and stats, like their career hits.

Drug hits, that is.And Silka, Cody and General aren't jock nicknames, but the monikers of man's best friend.

The idea to immortalize the drug-sniffing dogs of the U.S. Customs Service on baseball-type cards came from Customs officers in Dallas who saw how popular their canine partners were with schoolchildren, spokes-woman Donna De La Torre said in Houston.

"During the course of their antidrug speeches, they give a demonstration," she said. "The children are just thrilled to see the dogs find the narcotics."

The cards also publicize Customs' hot line, telling readers they can help the dogs stop drug smuggling by reporting "suspicious activities" to 1 (800) BE-ALERT.

Only the 81 dogs from Customs' southwest region are featured on the 2 million cards printed thus far, but the idea is spreading, spokeswoman Kathy Hamor said.