Utah-born Brooke Morrison will display original art and prints in ZCMI stores this weekend. On Friday, March 15, she'll be at ZCMI's downtown store from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The following day, she'll appear at ZCMI's Cottonwood Mall store during those hours.

Morrison is a talented designer as well as painter, printmaker and commercial artist. Her designs can be found on wallpaper, dinnerware, fabric and stationery created by prominent national and foreign companies.She is also an artistic entrepreneur. Over a relatively short time, she has created a vast market through which she sells her prints.

Finding success in the visual arts appears to be hereditary. Morrison's mother, Dawna Barton, has been a popular watercolorist for more than 20 years. Her aunt, Helen Paul, is also a renowned artist. Her brother and two sisters - Ken, Jill and Linn - are not only active as individual artists but also run the family's five art-related businesses.

A free drawing for one of Morrison's framed, autographed prints will be held at the two ZCMI stores during her visits.