To the editor:

We are almost daily inundated with depressing news about wars, oppression and sufferings in so many countries, with crime and violence, immorality and evil at home. It is too infrequently that we are reminded of beautiful, praiseworthy and uplifting things that are a welcome antidote to these almost daily anxieties.But such a wonderful experience has been offered to thousands of Salt Lakers recently with the spectacular performances of our own Ballet West. For those who have witnessed ballet performances in the leading art centers of New York, San Francisco, and other famous places, Ballet West's production of "Sleeping Beauty" was, to say the least, on an absolute equal level in every respect.

From the rising curtain at the beginning to the thunderous applause at the end, one knew that Salt Lakers are blessed in having a ballet of unsurpassed world class.

The wonderful artistry of the dancers, the dazzling colors of the rich and elegant costumes, the ingenious choreography and stage direction, the inspired music by Tchaikovsky, played by an orchestra that proved equal to the work of the dancers - with all of this and much more, one felt transported into one of the world's most famous ballet theaters.

As with other productions of our Ballet West, we left the hall enriched in heart and mind and restored to the innate goodness of the human soul and spirit.

Max B. Zimmer

Salt Lake City