Protest in Belgrade A police officer beats an anti-communist demonstrator during the most serious anti-government rioting in more than four decades of Marxist rule in Serbia. On Saturday, the federal government sent dozens of tanks into Belgrade to help quell the rioting. The tanks were stationed in front of the state television building and at other points around the city. A police officer and a demonstrator were killed and 76 people were injured in the fighting. The battles arose after an opposition rally that began as a protest against biased Communist media reports. Demonstrators, demanding that Communist leaders resign, began to throw rocks at police, who fired live ammunition, tear gas, water cannons and rubber bullets to push back the crowds. The injured included Dragoljub Micunovic, a leader of the opposition Democratic Party, the state news agency Tanjug reported. Opposition leaders, led by nationalist firebrand Vuk Draskovic, then marched to the Serbian parliament half a mile away and held talks with Serbian Premier Dragutin Zelenovic. The demonstrators demanded the resignation of five state TV editors and said Interior Minister Radmilo Bogdanovic must be held responsible for the police attack.