A second lawsuit has been filed in connection with the deaths of two people who took Sudafed cold capsules tainted with cyanide.

Daniel Sullivan, a lawyer for the family of Kathleen Daneker of Tacoma, said the suit filed Friday in U.S. District Court charges that the capsule produced by Burroughs Wellcome Co. is dangerous and should be banned."I think you should make a product as safe as possible and if the product cannot be safe, then it is essential to the well-being of the public to take it off the market or change the form," Sullivan said.

Damages were not specified.

The company ordered a nationwide recall of 1 million Sudafed 12-Hour cold capsules on March 3, about 10 hours after officials connected the deaths of Daneker, 40, and Stan McWhorter, 44, of Lacey, to tampered packages of Sudafed.

McWhorter's widow, S. Jane McWhorter, filed suit in U.S. District Court in Tacoma on Wednesday, accusing Burroughs Wellcome of negligence for not ordering a recall sooner.