Jose Eber, a Beverly Hills hairdresser who caters to the stars, says you can create a professional look for your hair at home with a few simple instructions:

"Wash your hair and add a little mousse or gel for a touch of body." Bend forward at the waist and "blow dry your damp hair upside down while using a vent brush in every direction and lifting the roots up till your hair looks wild and crazy. Then go back to normal position and (taking small sections at a time) roll your hair with a round brush. Apply a little heat, then cool off and undo it."When using hot rollers, remove after seven to 10 minutes, bend forward and brush your hair back and forth with a vent brush. "Take a little hairspray, spray underneath, tilt your head back to normal, shake your hair with your fingers and it should look incredible."

One caveat: hot rollers, curling irons and blow dryers create intense direct heat that can cause burned or split ends.

Parris Monfort, a stylist in Denver, says you can avoid that by wrapping each section of your hair in end paper before you dry it. The paper, normally used for perms, costs about $2 for 1,000 in beauty supply stores.

"Your hair will still curl, but it'll be protected," Monfort says. "And don't come back to me crying that you used toilet paper. It'll only catch fire."