City Council members tried in vain Tuesday night to get the graft out of city government.

The graft came to light when council members read through the minutes of their Aug. 9 meeting. Councilwoman Mary-Jane Ashton noted that the term graft was used three times in reference to a discussion held by the council that night. She found the word to be nothing more than a typographical error, however, because the minutes indicated the council viewed a series of "graphs" in relation to the discussion topic."We just want to make sure we get the graft out of city government," quipped Councilman Norman E. Nielsen.

Other council members agreed and were ready to vote the graft out when Councilman Greg Brown pointed out numerous other typographical errors and an unclear paragraph. As a result, a redraft of the minutes will be prepared for council review.

So, the graft will not be eliminated for another week or so, or at least until the new draft of the minutes are prepared.