Their stormy marriage provided supermarket tabloids with material for years. But now that it's over, Madonna says she misses doing ex-husband Sean Penn's laundry, and she calls their split "a big loss." "I liked folding Sean's underwear. I like mating socks," Madonna says in Vanity Fair magazine. "You know what I love? I love taking the lint out of the lint screen." Speaking of the 1989 break-up of her 31/2-year marriage to the actor, Madonna said: "It's a big loss. But let's face it - Sean and I had problems. We had this high-visibility life and that had a lot to do with the demise of the marriage. When you're always being watched, you almost want to kill each other." Madonna says she hopes to marry again and eventually have children. "You can have all the success in the world and if you don't have someone to love, it's certainly not as rewarding," she said.