Midway game equipment and allegedly counterfeit cassette tapes were confiscated during the Salt Lake County Fair in Murray last week, according to sheriff's office reports.

The equipment has since been returned to the carnival operator. The owners of the tapes are still being investigated, said Capt. Joe Gee of the sheriff's office Special Investigations Division.Plainclothes detectives, upon observing a game called "Cover the Spot," seized the equipment, believing that the game was being operated unfairly.

The object of the game was to cover a blue circle on a square plate by throwing five metal discs.

The detectives observed that the operator was informing people that they had not won, even though it appeared the blue circle had been covered, according to a report.

When a player would protest, the operator would point to a sign, barely visible in the back of the booth, which stated something like, "Operator has final decision on winning," the report said.

The deputies reported they observed small prizes being awarded only to players who had already spent $10 to $20 on the game.

Last Friday, detectives closed the game down and seized five game boards and 25 playing discs.

The property was returned this week to the operators, Big Sky Carnivals, Kalispell, Mont., with the warning that winners not be denied prizes, said Gee.

"It kind of surprised them," Gee said. "I don't think they were used to having their operation scrutinized like that."

In another undercover investigation, detectives found a concessionaire selling cassette music tapes that appeared to be counterfeit.