Edith Bowen Laboratory School at Utah State University has been recognized as one of the three top laboratory schools in America, announced Prent Klag, principal of the school.

The recognition came from the National Association of Laboratory Schools, which represents the approximately 100 lab schools in the country.Other schools thus honored are P.K. Yonge School at the University of Florida at Gainesville, and Campus School at Hunter College, New York City.

As part of the honor, Klag will travel to Atlanta, Ga., this week (Feb. 27-March 2) to address a conference of the laboratory school association and the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education.

He has been asked to "showcase" the Bowen School and describe the characteristics that make it exceptional.

"The national association was very impressed with our master plan," Klag explains. "We put a five-year plan into effect in March 1989 that outlines a research thrust, program development, budget and financing. Our advisory board is actively involved in helping us accomplish these goals."

"While the elementary students we serve are our number one goal, we strive to keep a balance between research and teacher training," he added.

"I believe that lab schools have a natural advantage over other agencies attempting to bring about educational improvement," Klag stated "We serve as an important bridge between university research and training and the public schools - a bridge between theory and practice. We also serve as a key source of innovation. Research, development, demonstration, modeling and evaluation can all be carried out at the lab school."