No agreement has been reached yet between Kaysville and Davis County on animal-control services, leaving Kaysville the only city in the county that has no contract for the current year.

The city's contract with the county ran out at the end of 1990 and the council, requesting more information and figures from the county, has not signed a new one for 1991.The county has continued to provide the city with service, including field officers responding to complaints in the city and housing animals at the county shelter in Fruit Heights.

The council balked at the county's request for $14,000 as Kaysville's share of animal-control costs for the current year, the same amount charged to the city in 1990.

The council asked for verification of the cost figure, which county animal control director DeeAnn Hess said is based on the number of service requests generated from the city and for shelter services.

County Commissioner J. Dell Holbrook has met with Kaysville Mayor Brit Howard and promised to deliver a breakdown of the figures, Howard said.

The council is also concerned about what it sees as a lack of input and control over how the department is operated. If the city is making a direct payment to help operate a county department, it should have some input in how the department is run, according to the council.

Howard said negotiations are continuing in good faith. The city intends to renew its contract, he said, but it will take some time to get the financial and service figures the council has requested.

Renewal of the contract was on the council's agenda Tuesday but was tabled for the third time.