It's one down, eight lives left to go for a Farmington woman's cat rescued by a sharp-eyed Davis County deputy sheriff Wednesday afternoon.

Sgt. Roger Anderson's first thought when he saw the object hanging from the passenger side of the car was the woman's purse was caught in the door. But purses don't have legs that run along the street."It kept moving. I thought we had something alive and I pulled her over and asked her if she had a cat, and she said, `Yeah, how did you know?' " Anderson said. "And I said, `I think it's hooked to the side of your car here.' "

Anderson said the woman - he didn't get her name - told him she had shooed the cat out of the car, then slammed the passenger side door, apparently a fraction of a moment before the cat's tail was clear.

The cat suffered some cuts to its paws, Anderson said, and was hustled to a nearby veterinary clinic for treatment.

"I was just happy she didn't make to I-15, where she would have picked up some speed," Anderson said.