A man convicted of killing his 3-year-old stepdaughter six years ago will not receive a new trial, the Utah Supreme Court has ruled.

Scott G. Worthen had appealed his conviction, saying, among other things, that 2nd District Judge David Roth should have allowed him to force a state prosecutor to testify and that there was insufficient evidence for a conviction.But, in a decision handed down Wednesday, justices said the jury had ample evidence to convict Worthen of beating Heidi Pavich to death in 1982.

At the trial, physicians testified Pavich died from a severe blow to either the stomach or the back. They also testified Pavich suffered several other injuries.

Worthen contends nobody saw him abuse the child, and that the evidence is circumstantial. Physicians, however, said Pavich died from wounds inflicted about 12 hours before her death. Worthen was tending the child at the time.

Worthen wanted a state prosecutor to testify about a letter the prosecutor handed the judge before the trial. The letter said the state had no real evidence to show Worthen was guilty.

But the Supreme Court rejected that argument, saying the letter was unimportant.