The Idaho Department of Finance has filed a final judgment and permanent injunction against a Salt Lake City man for allegedly selling non-registered stocks in Idaho.

Craig A. Broadhead, a securities salesman for Fitzgerald, DeArman & Roberts, Inc. of Oklahoma, consented to the injunction without admitting or denying the allegations. He agreed to cooperate with the state in proving the charges against the other defendants.The judgment was entered by Judge Robert M. Rowett of the Fourth District Court in Boise on Aug. 15.

The case, filed June 2, alleged that the defendants sold stocks to Idaho residents that were not registered with the Department of Finance. It also alleged that the defendants did not disclose required information to customers and engaged in fraudulent practices by giving the department false evidence during the investigation.

The judgment prevents Broadhead from violating securities laws in the future.

A lawsuit is continuing against FD&R and the remaining two salesmen. The suit alleges that the men would not refund customer's money until they agreed not to cooperate in the investigation. It also says the men did not tell their customers they were not licensed to sell in the state.

The Department also alleged that FD&R violated the law by telling the Department that there were no customers or transactions in Idaho.

The lawsuit seeks an injunction preventing any future violations, fines of $5,000 per violation, restrictions on the defendants' future activities in the state.