Inside the Westmont's charming Victorian exterior lies a contemporary home with creatively shaped rooms and all the modern amenities. Old-fashioned windows, custom cedar shakes, a spacious columned veranda and a captain's walk above the door all add to the Victorian charm. Oval glass in the front door provides the finishing touch.

Very few of the rooms are rectangular. Rows of antique glass windows curve across the oval-shaped end of the living room as well as the master suite, located directly above it. Fireplaces, option for both, are vented through a double chimney.One side of the dining room, also graced by a wall of windows, is decidedly octagonal. A wide U-shaped kitchen is conveniently located between the dining room and a nook-family room combination. These rooms are also richly windowed. Clustered in the center, surrounded by the family living areas, are a pantry, utility room and half-bath. While each of these rooms is too oddly shaped to describe, the combination makes an efficient use of space.

An open staircase curves up the side of a wide foyer to the master suite and bedroom on the second level. The master suite has a generous step-in closet, and both the master bath and the other bathroom feature double vanities, separate from the water closet. This arrangement eliminates steamy mirrors and increases family harmony.

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