Another shopping center is in the works for the City of Orem.

Tuesday night the City Council, acting as the city's Redevelopment Agency, approved funding for University Square, a proposed development on 1300 South just east of the new R.C. Willey."In this project, the developer is required to bring some type of major retail into the development," said city attorney Paul Johnson.

The agreement authorized the RDA to appropriate up to $1.25 million to develop the 180,000 square foot area, which the city is expected to recoup because the improved area would generate more taxes.

In the agreement, there was also an option for the developers to obtain some land across the street from University Square.

"I am positive about economic development in Orem, but I wasn't happy with the final terms of the agreement," said Councilman Kelvin Clayton, who eventually voted against it.

Orem Mayor S. Blaine Willes can execute the agreement only after the University Square developers come to an agreement with R.C. Willey, which still owns some of the land involved.