The Six County Economic Development District has awarded a plaque and a commendation to Keith Keisel in recognition of his efforts in getting the Gunnison Central Utah Correctional Facility located in Sanpete County.

Keisel, a former Ephraim councilman who operates a coal yard and transportation company, organized the task force that spearheaded the successful campaign to get the correctional facility for Sanpete.His commendation described Keisel as a man who had made a difference in getting the 700 jobs and $140 million payroll for the county in competition with several other areas.

Keisel said that a magazine article, "The Industry Nobody Wanted," provided his early motivation. He proceeded to research the benefits the facility would bring to Sanpete, visited governmental groups and civic organizations in the effort to gain support and headed the group that made the successful presentation to the state selection committee.

There was local opposition along the way, but Keisel's "hard-headedness," "thick skin" and thoroughness in organizing the campaign were determining elements, a member of his task force said.

The presentation to Keisel was made by Carolyn Brox, then-chairman of the Sanpete Economic Development Committee, now a board member of the Six County District.