United Way of Utah County thanked on Wednesday the many businesses and their employees who participated through contributions to the recent campaign.

Seven organizations received special Achievement Awards for their overwhelming response to the fund drive. The largest employee giving organization, again, was Brigham Young University, where pledges reached a record $127,000.Other awards were given to the following:

- The largest corporate gift, given anonymously, totaled $40,000.

- Nu Skin had the highest percentage increase in employee giving - 737 percent (from $3,200 to $26,000).

- Highest per-capita employee giving was United Parcel Service at $110.

- Highest per-capita corporate giving went to Union Pacific Railroad with $160.

- Longview Fibre Co. received the Outstanding First Year Effort award.

- Mike Pope of Stouffer Foods was named Outstanding Campaign Volunteer.

Last year's campaign received a record $940,000 in pledges. This year's ongoing goal is to reach the $1 million mark.

On March 2 an allocations committee, made up of members of the community, held their final meeting and released agency allocation recommendations for fiscal year 1991-92.

The volunteer allocations committee has two major functions, said Bill Hulterstrom, United Way director. First, they decide where the money would be best used. Secondly, they evaluate and help guide and advise - making agencies stronger.

Most agencies received the same amount as last year, or received an increase in allocations. However, most agencies are struggling with unexpected growth in need for services.

"Most of these agencies cannot survive without United Way monies," Hulterstrom said. "And right now, our demand outpaces our available resources."

Hulterstrom indicated that area residents, over the past few years, have become more familiar with what United Way has to offer - and they are using it.

"People are becoming more informed and are turning to United Way agencies more than ever before," he said. "We are excited to be able to help them."


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Agency allocations

Allocations for Utah County United Way agencies were recommended as follows:

Overall total

1990-91 1991-92 (includes donor-

allocation allocation designated monies)

Alpine House $16,100 $16,100 $16,175

American Diabetes 9,500 9,500 9,500


Red Cross 108,000 108,000 109,297

BYU Cancer

Research 8,480 4,000 15,735

Center for Women

and Children

in Crisis 54,000 60,000 67,000

Crisis Line 32,000 30,000 30,592

Family Support

and Treatment 64,600 73,000 75,100

Gathering Place 12,500 13,000 14,147

Hospice 20,000 19,000 22,157

Multiple Sclerosis 9,500 1,000 1,370

Project Read 13,000 12,500 13,751

Recreation for

All Handicapped 103,500 103,500 105,902

Respite Care 39,500 41,000 41,849

Retired Senior

Volunteer Program 21,000 21,000 21,085

Utah Legal Services 8,800 9,900 10,429

Youth Village 0 400 1,017

American Cancer

Society 15,254 20,876 26,097

Utah Heart

Association 10,170 10,438 10,583

Total 545,904 553,214 592,174

Note: Other areas receiving funding include: programs, services and venture grants. There is also an estimated pledge loss of $65,000.