Limbs and other yard clippings are starting to appear along Springville's curbs in anticipation of spring cleanup, but city officials are asking residents to hold off.

Spring cleanup will not be the same this year as in the past. Rather than having residents place material along the curb to be picked up by city workers, the city will place trash bins at different locations throughout the city. Residents will be required to take yard waste to these locations.The City Council approved on Tuesday the purchase of five trash bins at a cost of $2,400 each. Starting Monday, April 1, the trash bins will be placed at different locations for a one week period and then moved to a different location through Monday, April 29. In all, the trash bins will be placed at 20 different locations.

Only yard clippings will be allowed in the trash bins. Other waste material will have to be taken to the new transfer station west of town.

Officials are hoping that neighborhoods will work together in transferring material to the trash bins. Scout troops may also assist those without trucks or trailers. Residents will be notified in about two weeks as to the trash bins' locations.