Aurora officials have applied for funding to conduct a study for a sewer system, and the town has been placed high on the priority list by the Water Pollution Control Board.

The study could be completed as early as September and the wastewater system should be under construction within two years, according to Alden Robinson of Sunrise Engineering in Fillmore, a firm that wants to work with the city in planning for the project. He said the plan must be completed according to EPA regulations so that Aurora will be eligible for construction grants.Mayor Larry Cosby said residents' opinions will be considered before the City Council goes ahead with the project. After the preliminary cost plan is presented, residents will vote on the proposal.

The town probably won't have to pay back the funding for the study if residents turn down construction of a sewer system, although a payback is required under some conditions.

Councilman Gary Mason said Aurora will have only about half its normal supply of irrigation water this year and that it could run out by the end of May.