A secretary for a now-dead drug trafficker says she logged a call from Manuel Noriega's office to a man indicted with the former dictator on cocaine charges.

The secretary, Sandra Ferro, on Tuesday became the first witness to link Noriega to one of his co-defendants.Lawyers for the co-defendant, Brian Davidow, have asserted that he didn't know Noriega. Davidow, a Miami real estate broker, is on trial with Colombian businessman William Saldarriaga. Noriega is to be tried separately in June.

The three men are charged with conspiracy stemming from the seizure of the cocaine-laden luxury yacht Krill by Colombian police in 1986.

Cesar Rodriguez was one of the organizers of the Krill's guns-for-drugs voyage. He and another organizer were later murdered.

On Dec. 17, 1985, Noriega's secretary, Marcella Tessone, called for Davidow, Ferro said. The same secretary also called frequently with messages for Rodriguez to call or meet Noriega, she testified.

On cross-examination, however, Ferro said the message for Davidow was to call Noriega's secretary.