The Veterans of Foreign Wars rejected Jane Fonda's apology for her support of North Vietnam during the Vietnam war and passed a resolution asking Congress to investigate the actress's "traitorous acts."

At their 89th annual convention Thursday, about 13,400 VFW delegates passed three resolutions by voice vote, one of which said the apology "is not enough to redeem the situation.""The VFW is not insensitive to a sincere expression of contrition," the resolution stated, "but the VFW wants to be assured that the `apology' is not simply a means of bolstering her sagging career and political fortunes."

The resolution said that in 1969, in a speech at Michigan State University in 1969, Fonda said "all of us should `pray' to become communists."

"Does her `apology' mean she also disavows her communist sympathies?" the resolution asks.