Refugees fleeing tribal massacres that have left at least 5,000 people dead in Burundi say their homeland has been turned into a killing field by government troops slaughtering hundreds of people at a time with grenades, machine guns and bayonets.

The refugees, many of them suffering ghastly bullet, shrapnel and stab wounds, said Wednesday the Burundi troops had run wild in northern villages of the East African country.At least 5,000 people have been killed since Aug. 14 in clashes between the majority Hutu tribe and the rival Tutsi tribe, which dominates the government and the army.

At makeshift refugee camps at the Rwandan border post of Nyabitare and nearby Kirarambogo, Hutu refugees from the killing, including women and children, arrived Wednesday with bullet, shrapnel and bayonet wounds.

They said the predominantly Tutsi soldiers were killing villagers indiscriminately with hand grenades, bayonets and machine guns.