Editor's Note: Every week the Deseret News profiles a special-needs child available for adoption through the Rocky Mountain Adoption Exchange. Anyone interested in a child can call the exchange at 359-7700.

Lynetta is nearly 6 years old. Like many children who have experienced abuse and have been in foster care, she prefers to be with adults and older children.Lynetta is a bright and inquisitive child with above-average intelligence and an excellent vocabulary. She loves to write in her journal, watch cartoons, ride her bike and play with her dolls. She also seems to enjoy her kindergarten class.

Her strong personality and determination about what she wants often results in conflicts with others. She usually wants to be in charge and is often bossy with other children and reluctant to let adults take care of her. She currently has behavior difficulties, probably because of the continuing instability in her life. She will continue to need therapy to deal with the losses she has experienced and to learn to trust others.

Lynetta would probably do best as the youngest child in a family of similar ethnic backgorund. The family would need experience with children with emotional problems, lots of patience and the ability to provide consistent limits. They will also need to be involved in her therapy.

Financial help may be available.