By Bettelou PetersonKnight-Ridder Newspapers Q. Whatever happened to Greer Garson? - T.K., Dearborn, Mich.

A. Stats: Born Sept. 29, 1908, in County Down, Ireland. Studied to be a teacher at London (England) University. Married three times. (Her second husband was Richard Ney, who played her son in "Mrs. Miniver.")Early years: Garson started acting with a drama club. She made her professional debut in 1932 with the Birmingham (England) Repertory Theater. MGM mogul Louis B. Mayer discovered her on the London stage and brought her to Hollywood. She had her first Oscar nomination for her debut in "Good-bye, Mr. Chips." Other Oscar nominations were for "Blossoms in the Dust," "Madame Curie," "Mrs. Parkinson," "The Valley of Decision," "Sunrise at Campobello" and "Mrs. Miniver," for which she won.

In recent years: Garson married oil millionaire Buddy Fogelson in 1949 and, as her career waned, lived in Texas, New Mexico and California. She did several features in the 1960s, the last, "The Happiest Millionaire," in 1967. In 1982, she appeared on TV's "The Love Boat." She lives on a ranch near Santa Fe, N.M., where she is active in charities and cultural events.

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