Here are some recent nominations from readers concerning Wasatch Front residents who make a difference in their communities by doing volunteer work or other such service:

- Frank Cotton-Betteridge:Cotton-Betteridge takes a special musical program to Twin Pines Crossland and Woodland Nursing homes. He has performed this service for several years, according to a neighbor who nominated him for recognition.

- Geri Braegger:

Braegger is the PTA Present at Tolman Elementary in Bountiful, but that's only part of her service. She also takes in foster children, in addition to her extensive voluntary political and religious service.

- Russel Clegg:

Clegg helps youths and adults stay drug-free by building their confidence.

- Nola Taylor:

Taylor assists families in getting life-saving organ transplants for children through the COTA program.

- Bea Evans:

Evans, 81, volunteers time year-round for the annual Festival of Trees. She's also been a a volunteer at Primary Children's Medical Center for 30 years, and she organizes get-acquainted evenings for people new to her neighborhood.

- Mildred Taylor:

This 68-year-old Bountiful woman goes out of her way to watch out for one of her neighbors, a paraplegic. She shovels this neighbor's sidewalks and driveway when it snows, even making a path for her pets.

She regularly picks up the woman's mail and takes out her garbage each week. She refuses to accept money for her services but makes a positive difference in her neighbor's life and her neighborhood.

- Mary Ruth Ogilvie:

Ogilvie volunteers her time and talents in playing the piano at school functions, funerals and at rest homes. All this in addition to her work at a school library.

- Donna Welle:

Welle visits a local convalescent center twice a week. She plays bingo and socializes with the center's residents, uplifting their spirits and keeping them informed of current events.

- Christine Evans:

Evans spends time teaching and motivating the public about the proper photo preservation and organization.

- Marilyn Wilcox:

This Salt Lake woman provides more unselfish service than anyone in her neighborhood, according to one of her neighbors. She teaches a cooking class for the blind at a nearby center for blind and volunteers her time to keep the center's kitchen clean.

She has also offered service to anyone in her neighborhood who needs help, taking neighbors meals or doing cleaning in their homes.

- Mike Borick:

This Salt Lake man does volunteer work for the elderly and widows in his neighborhood. For many years, he has shoveled snow off walks and driveways, mowed lawns, fixed doors and many other odd jobs. According to one one his neighbors, you name it and he's done it.

- John O. Sireman:

Sireman, a disabled veteran, volunteers 25-30 hours a week at the St. Vincent de Paul Soup Kitchen. For many years he spent every week day at Taylorsville High, helping students in the metal and wood shops. That service was interrupted by triple bypass surgery, but he has continued his service at the soup kitchen.

In addition, he is always available to help any of his 13 children and he also volunteers time weekly to help clean his church.

- J. Burnham Ranker:

This Salt Lake doctor donates time each Tuesday evening to lead a free public support group for cancer patients.

- Betsy Folland:

This Salt Lake County woman provides volunteer service for a variety of groups and services. She helps in the "Rainbo Friends," a group that aids handicapped children and also many other volunteer projects.

- Glen Spencer:

This Salt Lake man rakes leaves, shovels snow and is always willing and available to help any of his neighbors.

- James Sandus:

Sandus helps his neighbors clean snow off their walks and driveways and take out the garbage.

- Kent and Jolene Anderson:

This couple is their Salt Lake neighborhood's welcome wagon, according to one of their neighbors. They keep snow off the walks and driveways of their elderly neighbors, provide a free taxi service, help with fund-raisers and many other volunteer services.