Shawn Bradley, the 7-foot-6-inch freshman center on Brigham Young University's basketball team, is getting attention from more than just the media.

Bradley has accepted an invitation from Kids On The Move (KOTM), an early intervention preschool for children with developmental delays or handicaps, to be its celebrity spokesman."He's someone the children can really look up to," Karen Hahne, KOTM president, said with a smile.

KOTM's Monica Hess said, "Bradley is very pro-children, and he was able to develop an immediate rapport with the kids."

Bradley's job will be to represent KOTM when there is a need for a "visible" figure.

Bradley is grateful for the opportunity to help children who may have some difficulties.

"I love children," Bradley said. "I've always loved children. To be a friend in any way will help them as much as anything else."

KOTM was organized in 1984 when Hahne adopted a boy with Down's syndrome and then proceeded to search for community resources to help such children. She couldn't find any.

According to Hess, the resulting organization is designed to help handicapped children and families with handicapped children adjust to society.