Alta View Hospital-

DURRANT, Jeffrey and Mia, Murray, girl.

JONES, Val and Valerie, Centerville, girl.

OGDEN, Mike and Tamie, Sandy, boy.

SHEMENSKI, Michelle, Salt Lake City, boy.

SUDWEEKS, Trevor and Korrie, Salt Lake City, boy.

Cottonwood Hospital-

HILLYARD, Paul and Janelle, Orem, boy.

MADDOCKS, James and Valerie, Salt Lake City, girl.

SHORT, Douglas and Christine, Sandy, boy.

Holy Cross Hospital-

COLBERT, Bo and Cindy, boy.

COPLING, Todd and Lisa, girl.

HOLTON, Allen and Kendra, boy.

KIECHLE, John and Jeanna, girl.

Lakeview Hospital-

MARTIN, Richard A. and Beth E., Bountiful, girl.

LDS Hospital-

ANDERSEN, Greg and Cynthia, girl.

AUGUSTINE, Thomas and Kristin, boy.

BENNETT, Gordon S. and Darshan, boy.

BRAY, Keith and Melany, boy.

BUIE, Michael S. and Patrece, girl.

COLE, Grant E. and Cindy, boy.

COOK, Bret and Monica, girl.

DIXON, David and Evlale, girl.

DUFFIN, Peter S. and Jan, boy.

EREKSON, Stephen and Lisa, girl.

FREESTONE, Russell and Dawn, boy.

GLASBY, Stan and Audrey, boy.

GUTZWILLER, Joseph E. and April, boy.

HANCOCK, Steven S. and Therese, girl.

HANSEN, C. Claton and Sheryl, girl.

HAYCOCK, Carl S. and Donna, girl.

HIGLEY, Derrick and Emma, girl.

HOWLETT, David C. and Kelly, boy.

HUGOE, Wade and Richelle, boy.

JOHANSON, Boyd E. and Stephanie, boy.

JOHNSON, Mark and Debra, boy.

LEDEZMA, Carlos and Shannon, boy.

MARRELLI, Ron F. and Kinna, boy.

MINTILOGLITIS, Vasilios and Sharon, boy.

MORGAN, James and Joyce, girl.

MURPHY, Tony D. and Clancy, girl.

PAYNE, Douglas J. and Judy, boy.

PEARCE, William J. and Christy, girl.

PETERS, Nancy and BARRETT, Michael, boy.

PHILLIPS, Paul and Lori, girl.

RICHARDS, Mike and Melynda, girl.

ROBERTS, Michael and Elizabeth, girl.

ROOS, John and Kathryn, boy.

RYBERG, William and Suzanne, girl.

SALISBURY, Dennis and Cynthia, boy.

SAYRE, William and Linda, boy.

SCOTT, David M. and Debra, girl.

SMITH, John and Melanie, boy.

SPENCER, Ralph and Patsy, boy.

TOLBERT, Rustin J. and Lynette, girl.

WEST, LAN M. and Julene, boy.

St. Mark's Hospital-

AIONO, Sapeti and Olivia, Salt Lake City, girl.

HUMMEL, McMillan and Kamie, Sandy, boy.

NOBLE, Michael and Annette, Salt Lake City, girl.