To the editor:

At least one person read my response ("My View, Jan. 29) to Joseph Bauman's Dec. 21 column, "Consensus falters in fight for principle," as a personal questioning of whether Bauman is a person of principle.

Without a doubt, Bauman is a person of deep principle. My concern is with the strategy he proposes to solve the wilderness issue.The Legislature just drew a line in the sand, if you will be proposing Utah have not more thatn 1.4 million acres of BLM wilderness, an utterly small and absurb acreage. The people fighting for such a position argued out of principle.

That is why I can't see the difference in drawing lines based on principle at the hight or low end. We create losers with this method and wilderness designation need not create losers. Wilderness ought to bring people together as it makes one of the most profound statements we can make - taht we care about the future of non-humans on this planet.

Conxensus based on decency, honesty and in-depth collaboration is the best method to get around this problem if people are willing to exert the effort.

Dick Carter

Utah Wilderness Association