Two Davis County cities have raised their garbage collection rates to pay for the increased amount of trash their residents are leaving at curbside.

Fruit Heights approved a $2.25 monthly increase, from $9.75 to $12. West Point's rate has been increased from $9.50 a month to $11.50.Cities are charged a tipping fee at the county's garbage-burning plant in Layton and are billed for the tonnage of trash brought to the plant. Most of the cities are served by privately owned and operated garbage pickup firms that pass increased tipping fees back to the cities.

City officials in both Fruit Heights and West Point said increased fees being charged residents at the county landfill adjacent to the burn plant are resulting in fewer residents hauling their trash to the landfill, leaving it on the curb instead.

That, in turn, is pushing the tonnage figure higher this year than last year, and that is the figure city officials use in figuring monthly garbage pickup assessments.

Some cities are urging residents to recyle as much of their trash as possible.

Fruit Heights officials debated whether to raise the fee by $2 or $2.25. Raising the fee by $2.25, the council decided, will allow the city's $6,800 dumping fee deficit to be paid off faster and may delay future increases.