Alta View Hospital-

ANDERSON, Bill and Lisa, Sandy, boy.

CARDWELL, Jan and Selene, Sandy, boy.

CLARK, Gordon and Carmen, West Valley City, girl.

DELEEUW, David and Laura, Draper, boy.

HANNA, Kelly and Pamela, West Jordan, girl.

O' BRIEN, Michael and Sherri, Sandy, boy.

SKILLINGS, Michael and Robin, Sandy, girl.

SPURGIN, Kenneth and Terri, Sandy, boy.

ZELHART, Jeff and Leann, Sandy, girl.

Cottonwood Hospital-

MARR, Rosemary, Salt Lake City, twin girls.

MONSON, Renn and Julie, Magna, twins, boy and girl.

ALBERTS, Aaron and Nanette, Salt Lake City, girl.

BABCOCK, William and Lynda, Sandy, girl.

BECK, Arnold and Brenda, Elko, NV, girl.

BEST, Karl and Grace, West Jordan, boy.

BIESINGER, Burt and Robin, Salt Lake City, boy.

DURRANT, Mark and Catherine, West Valley City, boy.

FAROOQ, Zahid and Hina, Sandy, girl.

FORD, Rocky and Julie, Salt Lake City, boy.

GREENWALL, Paul and Penny, Salt Lake City, girl.

HATT, Ronald and Shelli, Riverton, boy.

KAUMANS, Ivan and Marty, Sandy, boy.

KEIL, Hans and Kimberly, Salt Lake City, boy.

MCNEY, Vincent and Elizabeth, Salt Lake City, boy.

MICKELSEN, Richard and Tara, Salt Lake City, girl.

RICHARDS, Lynn and Cindy, Midvale, girl.

SMITH, Richard snd Stephanie, Midvale, girl.

Holy Cross Hospital-

CANSINO, Marcos and Maria, boy.

HAUCK, Robert and LaDelle, girl.

PORCH, Anthony and Debra, boy.

ROHLOFF, Mario and Lisa, boy.

WILSON, Jeffery and Ivette, girl.

Holy Cross Jordan Valley Hospital-

PADDOCK, Jeff and Leona, twins, boy and girl.

DECKER, Craig and Marian, boy.

HUNTER, James E. and Anna Lee, girl.

JOHNSON, David and Debra, Sandy, boy.

MCPHERSON, Chris and Susan, Sandy boy.

SANCHEZ, Torrey and Dusty Ann, Murray, boy.

WHITAKER, Thomas and Tracy, Midvale, boy.

LDS Hospital-

BEADLES, James H. and Edna, twins, girl and boy.

RYBERG, William and Suzanne, twin girls.

BARRETT, Michael and PETERS, Nancy, boy.

BRAY, Keith and Melany, boy.

COOK, Bret and Monica, girl.

HANCOCK, Steven and Therese, girl.

HOCK, Roger and Margaret, girl.

JENSEN, Kevin and Wendy, boy.

JENSEN, Richard and Greet, girl.

JOHANSON, Boyd and Stephanie, boy.

JOHNSON, David and Carolyn, girl.

LONGHURST-VANZEBEN, Dan J. and Darla, boy.

MARRELLI, Ron and Kenna, boy.

NIELSON, Russell Glenn and Tauna, boy.

PEARCE, William and Christy, girl.

ROBERTS, Michael and Elizabeth, girl.

SCOTT, David and Debra, girl.

SMART, Mike and Pam, girl.

SMITH, Jordan and Lana, boy.

SPENCER, Ralph and Patsy, boy.

STRATTON, John A. and Jennifer, boy.

St. Mark's Hospital-

BAIR, Greg and Dezirae, Salt Lake City, boy.

LOTT, Jamison and Karen, Midvale, boy.

McPHIE, Scott and Karen, Charleston, girl.

TAYLOR, Dwight and Theresa, Salt Lake City, boy.

WHITAKER, Wilford and Marcia, Salt Lake City, girl.

University Hospital-

AVERILL, Keith and Sheryl, boy.

HAWK, Roy and Shayla, boy.

HOVEY, Michael and Connie, boy.

LOPEZ, Lupe and Rosa, girl.

PARRY, David and Michelle, boy.

PISCIOTTA, Don and Suzanne, boy.

SAMORA, Shawn and Valerie, girl.

SKINNER, Robbie and Agueda, girl.

TEZAK, Matt and Catherine, boy.

WONG, Dr. Lane and Audrey, boy.