While most of the world was relieved to hear about the cease-fire agreement between Iraq and the coalition forces, nobody was more relieved than the families of the soldiers serving in the gulf.

Cindy's husband, Mike, has been in the gulf since Aug. 28, and now that the war may be over, she's hoping he'll be one of the first to come home.Cindy was among the wives of Hill Air Force Base pilots serving in the Persian Gulf who gathered at the officers' club Friday night to celebrate the cease-fire and the possible quick return of their husbands.

When she heard about the cease-fire, Cindy said she felt cautious. "At first, I thought it was just another thing to get my spirits up and then they would fall again. But it seems real," she said. She said she hoped to take a vacation with her husband in Moab and just camp and ride bikes.

"I thought the ground war would last a lot longer. I don't think I've been prouder to be American," said Cindy. She said she never worried about her husband in the gulf.

Karon, who had just talked to her husband, Kevin, saidhe was taking this weekend off to relax and that he should know in a couple of weeks when he would be coming home. She said her two sons have really missed their father.

"We'll sit down and talk about what's happened since he's been gone, and everything he's missed not being here and part of the family," Karon said.

Andrea said she was "happily surprised" at the cease-fire agreement. Her husband, Tom, has been in the gulf since Aug. 30.

"At first, you don't believe it (cease-fire), but I feel great," said Andrea. "I always knew we'd win, but I'm glad we did it that quickly.

"After I peel my children off of him, I'll probably lay a big one on him. I just want to spend some time with him," she said of her husband's return.

Betty said she talked to her husband, Mark, Friday afternoon, and he said the war is over.

"I am ecstatic. At first you don't believe it, but I'm very excited that it's over and hopeful that the cease-fire will hold," she said.

Pam said she is planning a trip to Glacier Park in Montana when her husband, Scott, returns.

"I'm really proud of the armed forces. I'm proud of the president. I think he's a great decision-maker and motivator," Pam said.

She said the last time she talked to her husband was Saturday, Feb. 23, the day the ground war began.

All of the pilots were from the 421st and the fourth tactical fighter squadrons stationed at Hill Air Force Base.