Utahn hails victory, peace Provoan Lewelyn Fidler, 26, flashes a victory sign at bystanders as he tours Washington, D.C., on Saturday. He arrived at Andrews Air Force base Friday after sustaining an injury to his arm while serving in the Persian Gulf war. His wife said she doesn't know the extent or cause of his injury but said he is doing fine. Fidler called his wife in Provo to tell her he was in the nation's capital. "He was really tired and he can't wait to come home. He wants to see his 18-month-old son," said his wife, Carrie. "I was really happy when I heard he was in Germany (his first call home, just after his injury). I screamed on the phone," she said. Fidler, who is with the Army's 419th Transportation Company, had been stationed in Saudi Arabia since mid-January.