For nearly five years, Scott Fisher and Todd Collard (alias "Fisher & Todd") on KISN (FM-97.1) radio have been surprising the public with their "Candid Phone" feature. On Wednesday, their prank phone call boomeranged and they got a strong dose of their own medicine.

It all started when Fisher, posing as the governor, called a state employee who was born and raised in Hawaii, asking for help in learning a few Hawaiian words. The premise of the prank was that a group from Hawaii would soon be visiting Utah and the state's chief executive wanted to know how to greet them. The employee was glad to oblige and then heard the familiar words . . . "You're on Candid phone!"One hour later, Fisher & Todd received a real call from the governor's office. Press secretary Francine Giani and a co-worker informed the morning personalities that Gov. Bangerter had learned about the prank call and he was furious. They added that the governor had said that there may be a statute covering this type of situation.

"It's a violation of state law to pose as an elected official for the purpose of deception or causing harm," Giani said. "He's talking about going to Van Dam (the attorney general)."

Fisher and Todd immediately took replays of the call off their schedule and were sweating it until Giani and friend fed them their own familiar line . . . "You're on Candid Phone!"

Giani had heard the radio feature on her way to the office and had carefully plotted this turnaround strategy. Fisher & Todd have vowed revenge.