Pocatello Mayor Peter Angstadt is looking for a good trucking company, or two or three.

The transportation option is critical to Pocatello's chances of persuading an office products manufacturer and 300 jobs to move from Alabama to Idaho."The company doesn't ship its product by rail," Angstadt told members of his Citizens Business Advisory Committee. "They ship primarily by truck and without adequate connections here, the company may end up relocating in Utah."

Pocatello is competing with a Utah community for the concern. Officials have refused to identify either the company or the Utah town.

Earlier this month, Angstadt led a delegation of Idaho representatives to Alabama to meet with the company. They came back optimistic but are certain trucking availability could be a decisive factor.

"Although Pocatello has excellent railroad connections, our trucking business is not as good as the company would like," the mayor said.

A drawback is the potential back-haul problems. Eastern Idaho is primarily export-oriented. Few goods are imported, particularly from Southern California, which means trucks hauling furniture out of Pocatello could have no return cargo.

The mayor is looking for possible tie-in industries to build up back-haul prospects.