There are plenty of gulf war-related jokes circulating. Here is a sampling:

- "The Iraq Air Force has a new slogan. `Join the Air Force and See Iran.' " - Bob Hope- "George Bush said he was going to be the `education president.' We just didn't know it was Saddam Hussein he was going to teach a lesson." - A. Whitney Brown

- "Today in the Persian Gulf the allied war planes knocked out the most important Iraqi communications center. They bombed the CNN satellite dish." - Mark Simone

- "Now, every network organization has a retired military expert. Last night, Dan Rather had Colonel Klink on from `Hogan's Heroes.' " - Johnny Carson

- "The Walt Disney Company has announced plans to give Goofy his own television show. Isn't that going to interfere with his duties as president of Iraq?" - Jay Leno

- "Saddam's favorite movie is `The Godfather.' If the war continues to go the way it has been going, I think his next favorite movie is going to be `Home Alone.' " - Jay Leno.

- "Saddam Hussein held a press conference where he finally admitted he's doing all of this just to impress Jodie Foster." - Garry Shandling