Smoking materials left unextinguished led to an early morning fire in an apartment complex that destroyed one apartment and led to a building-wide evacuation.

Two fire crews responded to a call at approximately 10:45 a.m. at the Georgian Apartments complex, 89 S. 900 East. Crews had the fire under control after approximately 30 minutes. The blaze was confined to Apartment 23, rented to Cindy Lachance, 45. Most of the unit, which was unoccupied at the time, was destroyed in the fire, as were some of Lachance's possessions.According to Provo Fire Inspector Dennis Moss, an ongoing investigation revealed the fire started on a sofa, where a smoldering cigarette had fallen into some cushions. Provo Fire Capt. Paul Paxton, who responded with crews to the fire, said fire crews have responded to several fires at the complex over the past few years.

Neighbors living near the complex and a custodian at the LDS church building across the street helped evacuate surrounding apartments after seeing smoke coming from the building. No injuries were reported.

Damage from the blaze has been estimated at $20,000, including some smoke and water damage to surrounding apartments.