The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) regularly sells property that is no longer needed by the federal government. To inform the public of upcoming GSA real estate sales, the GSA publishes the "U.S. Real Property Sales List" (item 511X, free). It lists properties for sale as well as phone numbers to call for more information.

GSA also sells surplus goods ranging from cars and office equipment to boats and airplanes. To find out about upcoming surplus property sales in your area call the GSA regional office in Denver at (303) 236-7547.You may find some good deals but don't look for any giveaways. The GSA must obtain the fair market value for any property it sells.

"Doing Business with the Federal Government" (item 142X, $2.50) is a 48-page booklet that lists GSA's Business Service Centers that are available to help businesses get advice and information on contract opportunities.