Gov. Norm Bangerter won't drive as far as he wanted to on the West Valley Highway next year.

Lawmakers first slashed Bangerter's budget request and then couldn't agree on a bonding bill, all of which left the highway with $5.5 million in new funds - not the $16.8 million Bangerter wanted."The West Valley Highway took a few licks up here this time. But if the commitment (to complete the highway) remains strong we expect support from the Legislature in future years," said Kim Morris, spokesman for the Utah Department of Transportation.

Last year lawmakers gave $20 million toward the highway.

The highway, planned to run the length of Salt Lake Valley between 3200 West and 4000 West, is completed from I-80 to 2100 South. Work is under way from 2100 south to 4100 South, while UDOT will entertain bids for construction to 5400 South.